Cats in Morocco

After my trip to Morocco when I sat down to go through photos, I realized the things I saw the most…I photographed the least. One of those things was sheep. The other cats. In Fez and Marrakesh in particular, felines huddled in the protection of doorways safe from the feet of tourists and locals, and the hooves of burdened mules. They skirted rooftops and lazily lounged on ledges, roofs, and in shady nooks and crannies. Honestly, cats were everywhere. My subconscious must have picked up that fact, which accounts for the few feline photos that did make it home. Quality photos they are not! Click to make them larger.

BlackCatIn the Atlas Mountains, the cats played at dusk in the shrubs and wild flowers at the kasbah. This black cat maneuvered from bush to bush, blending in well. Its gorgeous yellow eyes matched the yellow of leaves and flowers (right).

ClimbingCatIn a narrow residential lane in Rabat, we encountered a gray tabby moving from its over-the-door perch and down a steep wall (left). The landing turned out to be quite dramatic. Good thing cats have nine lives. It made us wonder why the cat chose to jump instead of use the oleander next to it, which is most likely the way it climbed up.


This doorway cat is a smaller version of mine. It even shares a similar perturbed expression(right).

While this fountain is no longer functioning in the medina, I can imagine that at one time the drizzle of water would have been the perfect Fez drinking and gathering place for felines (below).


LeatherShopKitAs we stood inside a leather shop in Fez that overlooked the leather vats, a tiny kitten played on a bench near us (left).

WellCatOn an old wooden wheel in Rabat, a cat nestled in the shade (right).

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2 Responses to Cats in Morocco

  1. Did all the cats make you a little yucky? In Mexico, dogs roam all over everywhere. Made me nervous and feel bad for them. However, in the pic at the bottom right, that cat looks way okay. 🙂

    • Sandy says:

      I found the cats interesting actually. A huge variety of types and just like any where, some were in great condition and others not so much. I suspect some are feral, but then many are well-cared for pets. In the old medina in Fez, they were everywhere and probably earned their keep catching mice in the ancient quarters. I also spied a few shopkeepers giving treats (like pieces of fish) to their favorites. The cat who jumped down from its over-the-door perch ended up scooting right inside a door that opened a few seconds later. My guess is it was waiting for a meal and heard the owner heading to the door.

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